Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweater Dress

Happy Thuesday Everyone! I have another busy week behind me so I neglected blogging a little bit but now I'm finally back. I can't believe it myself! Remember I told you about the Bloggers Shopping Day that I took part in last Saturday. Well, the event turned out amazing, just like the rest of my weekend. It was quite hectic and tiring but I can confidently say that this was my best weekend for quite a long time. My friend, Judit and I left for Budapest on Friday afternoon, our car was fully packed with at least ten suitcases of clothes and shoes. Omg, I regret not taking a picture of it, my neighbours thought I was moving out. Haha. :D 

When we arrived we rushed to the newly opened store called Il Bacio di Stile. We were super excited to check it out, I mean I'm not sure if I've ever seen a store like this before, it's insane, 5000 m2 of "heaven" with an extensive range of designer garnments, shoes and accessories both for men and women. They have literally all the big brands from Valentino, Céline, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Lanvin, Chloé to Saint Laurent, Armani, Jimmy Choo and Ralph Lauren. You really need to reserve an entire day to go through everything as it's so enormous. I have been wanting to have a Céline luggage mini in black for long now, I called numerous stores around Europe within the past few months but they were all out of stock and they all had a long waiting list. So I can't tell you how happy and excited I was when I glimpsed the black mini luggage on the shelf in the Céline department of Il Bacio. I literally wanted to jump out of my skin, I knew it was meant to be mine. :) The bag is bigger than I expected, I love how my whole life fits into it. Now I'm saving up for a beige "trapeze" that I recently fell in love with and I think I'll ban myself from further bag purchases afterwards. :D 

As I said previously, the Shopping Day was a lot of fun and success. Despite of the rain and lack of sleep, we managed to get everything in order for the event. A huge hug and thanks to Réka and Dóri for helping me out the whole day. I don't know what I would have done without you guys, seriously! Overall, Saturday was pure perfection, both the place and atmosphere was so cozy and family-like, everything went down smooth, even the round-table chat I was nerveous about. (Recently, I've developed a microphone-phobia. :D) It was amazing to meet our readers in person and have the chance to get to know each other a little better. Thank you to everyone of you who came out and supported the event, I felt so honoured and happy, you guys are great! 

We got back home on Sunday afternoon and we rushed to the stadium immediately. I wouldn't miss a match for the world. :) The mood was already elevated when we got there, it was an important game, so the stadium was packed and the supporters were going crazy. :D Hubby came in the second half and scored shortly after (the oppenent was leading 0-1) and his presence basically changed the whole game. Gosh, I can't tell you how proud I was of him. He played magnificent and it was really touching to see him back on the pitch again after missing out the past two months because of his brain concussion injury. Seeing him confident and happy is like the best thing in the world!

Outfit. I figured whenever fall comes around, I go "dark". I admit that I got a little obsessed with total black looks these days and have been purchasing nothing but black and grey garnments recently, but come on now, black is always chic - and never the least - SLIMMING. :D I wore this outfit yesterday, it was quite chilly in the evening so I chose for an oversized sweater dress by H&M - which I was supposed to wear without thights, but I was such a chicken I didn't dare to - and my favourite over-the-knee boots (also from H&M Paris Collection). Normally I'm not a big fan of turtleneck sweaters but this one has caught my eyes immediately, I know it sounds kinda crazy but I love the chunkiness of it, it feels so cozy and looks great with leather. Anyways ladies, hope you enjoy the pictures and you all have a lovely week!

Magyar fordítás hamarosan...

Sweater dress and boots: H&M Paris Collection | Tights: CALZEDONIA | Bag: CÉLINE | Sunglasses: KAREN WALKER


  1. You look perfect as usual! I wish I was taller to waer this kind of boots whitout looking like a dwarf :(

  2. You look amazing as usual in this all black outfit! If I knew that the H&M Paris Collection looked this good on, I would have gone for them straight away!

  3. Nagyon tetszik a csizma, és az egész csini! Ennél hidegebbet már nem szeretnék. Eszter

  4. Gorgeous boots !
    Love how simple but yet put together this outfit is.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  5. you are totally rocking this look. im in love:-)

  6. Imádom a az egészet de főleg a csizmát! :)

  7. amazing look,i love your sweater dress;)

  8. great!!!


  9. L-O-V-E this!! Seriously fab that sweater dress!


  10. Perfect outfit! I love this sweater dress with the boots! You look so ladylike!

    Check my blog if you have time to kill, xxx
    http://blackhair-blackdress.blogspot.fr/ ❤

  11. Absolutely gorgeous and super stylish...... as always.......

    what an inspiration...... LOve the tights and boots..... especially....... but of course you know my love of tights

    Jayme your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan from the USA

  12. We had first H&M store opened in Serbia recently, and I went only to get these boots! And it turns up I'm too short for them :( It didn't look good on me. But they look perfect on you though!

  13. So ready for cooler weather .... Fab dress

  14. perfect outfit
    you look very elegant


    Coline ♡

  15. Amazing look, very hot. Love the boots, tights and the bag. Very sexy.

  16. Awesome Outfit, you look so beautiful <3
    How did you do your hair? It looks amazing :)

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! its getting cold here too. i love everything about the outfit!

  18. The sweater dress is...fabulous!

  19. love the dress

  20. Such an adorable look :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


  21. Congratulation for your Blogger shopping day !!
    Nice look as usual, and I really love your boots :)

    Much kisses from France, Jane.


  22. I love your style!

  23. I love this outfit -- super chicYou have such an amazing sense of style! You make everything look so wearable!