A clogged toilet is one of the most inconvenient and embarrassing things that can happen to you. First of all, it does not smell very nice. Secondly, the water tends to ruin the floor and anything else it touches. Thirdly, a clogged toilet can be a health hazard and a visitor deterrent if you do not take care of it. The following are five things that you can try before you give up and call plumber. You can at lest try them, but you should call a plumbing company immediately if these methods do not work for you:

1. Examine the Cause of the Clog

First, you will need to examine the cause of the clog so that you will know how to handle it. The most common causes of toilet clogs are disproportionate fecal matter, large toilet paper masses and items that do not belong in the toilet in the first place. If you can figure out what caused the clog, then you can assess the best way to handle it.

2. Use a Hanger

The first thing you can try is a hanger. The hanger may work to dislodge a mass or break down disproportionate bodily byproducts. You can twist and bend a metal hanger in a variety of ways that can help you to break up and dislodge anything that is visibly stuck.

3. Use a Plunger

The plunger is the next step, and you need to use a pricey plunger. A cheap plunger will most likely not have enough suction ability to force the clog free. The best way to plunge is to to flush the toilet first and then plunge vigorously while the water is rising. You may penetrate the clog. On the other hand, your toilet may still overflow. Be prepared.

4. Pour Water Down the Toilet

Another trick you can try is pouring some water down the toilet. You will need much more than a cup of water. An entire bucket of water is advised. The water that you pour down the toilet may cause the clog to break up.

5. Try Some Drano

Some people do pour Drano in their toilets, and perhaps it works. You can always try the old Drano trick. If it works for you, then you have saved yourself quite a bit of money.

If all the above-stated efforts fail, then it is time to give up on being a DIY plumber and call a professional plumbing company. Such a company will have some additional tools that can get your clog free before it causes a health hazard or ruins your reputation. Take your time and find a fair-priced provider that you can hire to help you with your issue.

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