Once you have chosen the main furniture for your living space, you only need one more piece to really pull everything together. This is the coffee table. Coffee tables are multi-functional, decorative, and can serve as the focal point of your living room. From re-purposed barn doors to sleek geometric designs, the possibilities are endless! Here is what you need to know about choosing the perfect side coffee table.

1. Choose A Focal Point- Which pieces of furniture do you want to take center stage in your living room? Which pieces would do better as accent pieces? Knowing where you want the flow of design to go in your living room will help you choose the perfect coffee table. A simple but modern coffee table will allow your beautiful couches to take center stage, while an eye-catching, sleek table will easily become the focal point of your living space.

2. Natural Materials Make Beautiful Tables- Wood, metal, or glass? None of the above! With today’s modern coffee tables, a variety of materials are available to make sure your coffee table fits your decor perfectly. Natural materials, such as rock, wood, or even cork, will bring a touch of nature into your home. When choosing a material for your dream coffee table, keep in mind the amount of wear and tear the table will have to endure from your children and family. Softer materials tend to show scratches and indentations more obviously than their harder counterparts.

3. Multi-Functional Tables Can Save Space- Especially if you live in a smaller home, multi-functional furniture is a must. Many end tables have storage spaces inside or underneath them. Nesting end tables are a great way to entertain a large number of people inside a small space. Alternately, ottoman coffee tables offer storage space, foot rests, and a convenient place to set your drink.

4. A Coffee Table Can Be A Source of Color- A beautiful, brightly colored coffee table can bring color into your neutral living space. The perfect coffee table is one that compliments your decor. Consider the detail coloring in your furniture, throw pillows, and curtains. Also consider what other colors are in your living room. Taking cues from colors present in wall art and other decorations will ensure that your whole room flows beautifully together. This will also give you an idea of how much color you want to introduce with your coffee table.

Whether you want a coffee table that is the main attraction in your living space, or one that is a unique blending element to help the rest of your decor coordinate, there are countless types of coffee tables to suit your needs. Consider a coffee table that is the focal point of your entire room, or choose one that is made of a natural or unconventional building material. Whether you want a multi-functional piece of furniture or a pop of color in your living room, a coffee table is a great way to add vibrancy and character to your living space.

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