Moving is stressful enough. It’s expensive, and then there’s the part of getting settled into your new residence. The last think you want on your mind is concerns about whether your valuables will arrive safely. Hiring reputable movers is essential, but you should always be proactive in protecting yourself and your belongings.

Protecting Your Valuables with Labels
Placing labels on your boxes accomplishes more than simply knowing which room to drop them in. Professional movers Toronto should handle all of your personal belongings with care, but if they know certain boxes are loaded with picture frames or ceramic figurines, chances are they will avoid tossing them around. Be sure your labels stand out, and writing additional warnings on each side of the box may help, just in case your large, bright-color stickers get overlooked. In addition, labeling boxes can serve as a guide for movers, ensuring breakable items aren’t place near the bottom of any stacks where they stand the greatest chance of being damaged.

Using the Right Shipping Boxes
If you’ve ever shopped for moving boxes, you know how expensive they can be. That’s why many people visit retailers to collect used boxes that have yet to reach the balers. What many people may not realize is the quality of second hand cardboard is usually far less than that of packing boxes found on the shelves at office supply stores and storage companies. Manufacturers often ship merchandise to retailers in less than adequate boxes. However, their goods are protected by arranging items in bulk, a method that may be difficult for the average consumer. Store-bought packing boxes are costly but some are double walled, and even those that are not will typically offer suitable protection.

Arranging Boxes on the Moving Truck
U-Haul recommends packing boxes with groupings of similar items. Wrap fragile items individually to protect them from impact, and position heavier ones at the bottom of each carton. That way, boxes don’t become top-heavy and small, fragile items are always at least a few inches from the ground. Be sure movers are loading them into the truck with larger heaver items as close to the floor as possible. And try not to overfill them, otherwise they will be difficult to carry, and the chance that they will be dropped increases. Freight companies use shrink wrap to secure boxes while on the road to their destination. Although it’s not necessary and a bit extreme, by some standards, it couldn’t hurt.

As a rule of thumb, if you feel uncertain about something you’ve packed, check it before loading. Otherwise, follow these simple steps, and you’ll find your trip across Canada a much smoother one.

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