If your property has been in the listings for a while, you are probably feeling sad and devastated. Well, do not be as there are many techniques you can employ to help your property move faster. Landscaping is a good way to ensure this. A proper landscape design can increase your property’s value by five to eleven percent. The best part is that even though landscaping is a highly valuable home improvement strategy, it is easy and quite affordable. Here is how you can implement gorgeous landscape designs to increase your home’s value.

1. Ensure the landscape design matches the building’s style

The best way to get your return on investment is to match the landscape with the building’s style. Before installing a patio, gazebo or decks, ensure they conform to the surroundings. You may require consulting an expert to advise you on the best strategy to employ. For instance, for a Victorian home, a Japanese garden would be totally out of context and might even lower your property’s value. Instead, go for a cottage or country style garden. If yours is an industrial style or prairie, stay away from formal or square gardens. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Royal Decks.

2. Plant trees

A few trees along your fence can make a huge difference in the sale price of a home or a commercial building. Households lined with trees have been found to cost about 10 to 15 percent higher than those without trees. One would wonder why trees are given such importance. Trees reduce carbon blueprint by removing carbon dioxide from the environment. Thus many view them as an eco-friendly option. They also offer shades which keep the neighborhood fresh and pleasant, which results in lower air conditioning costs. They also provide a serene environment for one to relax in. Thus if you can, plant trees, you will enjoy the benefits.

3. Have a strategy while planning

You need to develop a strategic landscape design. Do not just clutter your environment with plantings just for the sake of it. Instead, plan on what goes where. Proper foundation planning coupled with well-designed points of interest might increase your property’s value by about 42 percent. Also, remember to employ diversity when developing your landscape. An ideal design includes a mixture of perennials and shrubs. However, this does not imply that you plant every kind of plant there is, but rather ensure uniformity with just enough diversity to make the place attractive.

4. Edge your lawn

Nothing looks as good as a vibrant, healthy and a properly maintained lawn. Even if you cannot do anything else, make sure you edge your lawn. Edged lawns are easy to maintain and are an attractive selling point. Creating an edge is relatively straightforward.

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