Hi Everyone! I'm Mariann Mező, a Hungarian based blogger and proud mommy of a three year old gorgeous little girl, who is my world and happily married to the love of my life. I'm a fashion enthusiast who loves life, beauty, art, travelling, good music, Asian food, gangster movies and football.

'Cashmere in Style' is a blog about my personal style, featuring daily outfit photos, inspiration, my thoughts on fashion and all the other things that I love... Hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for your visit!


1. I was born in April, my zodiac is Aries, I guess that explains why I'm so passionate, fiery and ridicolously impatient.
2. I talk. A LOT.
3. I studdied journalism and librarian science at college but quit the final year in order to follow my husband to Belgium. I got stucked there for 5 years. :)
4. I want to know everything, so my Google is always in search mode.
5. I don't have a driving license.
6. My favourite number is 8.
7. I have a weakness for pointy-toe pumps.
8. I'm scared of thunders and lightnings.
9. I broke my nose at least three times.
10. I used to write poems as a child but quickly ran out of inspiration after hitting the rebellious teen years.


  1. omg! <3 I'm totally in love with this pic! You and your daughter are so cool and sweet <3 lovely!!!

  2. loving your blog/style! Stop by mine anytime :)

  3. Love your blog and your style! check out my knitwear brand out!